What is a reach forklift?

A counterbalance reach forklift truck is the most common type of truck around and represents the image most people instinctively think of when imagining a forklift. The forks stick out from the front of the vehicle and there are no protruding arms or legs; meaning the truck can be maneuvered right up close to the racking or location of the load. Therefore, no reach facility is necessary and the truck operates in a relatively straightforward fashion. This type of forklift truck can be powered with gas, electric or diesel. Many models also feature a mast tilt facility, side shifts and driver’s cab.

Uses of reach forklift

The name of this truck derives from its design as a large counterweight is placed at the back of the truck to off-set the load being lifted towards the front. Electric powered counterbalance trucks are able to operate with a smaller counterweight as the battery is quite weighty too. Both types of reach truck are very similar but the forklift is able to handle double deep racking applications where as moving mast requires an attachment to handle double deep racking. Choosing the right narrow aisle equipment and racking can be a complicated and difficult task.

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